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  • People need to hear the message of hope, the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Where is your faith? If you have never accepted God's Son as your Savior, you are wandering aimlessly with no hope, headed for God's eternal judgment. Today you need to put your faith in God. Listen to this video to find out how.

  • What you believe makes a big difference in how you live your life. The Bible has very clear teaching on how you are to live your life. You will find the series, "What To Believe" helpful as you build your own biblical value system and share your faith with others. Listen to these 16 sermons with an open mind and ask God to reveal truth to you. My prayer is that you will be abundantly blessed as you study God's Word.

  • Every society is built on principles andvalues. Today our society is confused as they have replace God's values with their own opinions and ideas. It is time to change our habits. Its time to see what God expects of us. As you listen to and practice these ten godly habits, your life will be changed, and your influence will change the lives of others around you. It will give your life new meaning, purpose and hope!

  • Jesus was the greatest teacher of all. He took earthly stories that we could understand and mixed in heavenly truth. If we want to succeed, we need to learn from Him.

  • Esther


    The name of God is never mentioned in this little book, but His presence is very clear. There are a lot of lessons we can learn for the life of Esther that will help us as we live in our present day and age.

  • Luke

  • There have always been those who have twisted the truth and created something else out of it. Peter recognized this and in this book takes the time to help us understand this things. He gives us instructions on how to be careful as true followers of Christ. Listen to this series and grow in your Christian walk today.

  • I John


    John, in his gentle loving way, communicates to us about truth. You will be challenged to new steps of faith as you listen to this series.

  • Jude